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Portable ultrasonic house dust mite repellent
Extra information
Portable ultrasonic house dust mite repellent:
The highly efficient ultrasonic product provides an ideal solution for fighting house dust mites without chemicals. The device emits ultrasound, which isn’t perceptible neither for humans, nor for pets. Its continuous usage helps reducing dust mite concentration and allergic symptoms. The device’s positive impact appears already two or three weeks after activation. To achieve a better result we suggest to keep it always activated and to use it in every room where the dust-allergic person makes a long stay. Please read the below instructions carefully before activating the product.
Suggested areas of use: bed mattresses, bedclothes, cradles, night tables, upholstered furniture, furniture covers, pillows, blankets, carpets, curtains and other home textiles, stuffed animals, car seat covers.
When positioning the device please keep in mind that its radius of operation is ca. 3 meters. The device is not water-proof but extremely damp-proof (IP13). After contacting with water we suggest to dry the device, so that moisture doesn’t scathe it. Please leave the grid side uncovered so that emitted sound waves can flow freely.
Because of its size, please don’t let it fall into children’s hands.
USE: Pull out the tab to activate the Lithium battery (not replaceable). Four flashes indicate that the device is on. After activation, battery life is about one year. You can check operation any time by pushing the button once and watching the LED light flash. The electro-magnetic compatibility and ultrasound emission are in accordance with the requirements of the EU.
About house dust mites: House dust mites are parasites that can be the allergens for a syndrome called house dust allergy. Their favourite habitation is the mattress in bedrooms, upholstered furniture and carpets. In severe cases house dust allergy can lead to respiratory diseases (snuffles, asthma) and dermatitis.